As of September 5, 2021, Parrot has been removed from the App Store and development has been discontinued.

We set out to create a truly unique podcast experience, and we're so grateful for all of your support.

Save, share and discover clips from podcasts.

Woman saving podcast clips on a run

Save clips

When you hear something you love, save it with a single tap.

We’ve made it incredibly easy to save a clip from anywhere. A single action saves the last 30 seconds. Save from inside the app or even from your lock screen or Apple Watch.

Women sharing podcast clips on the train

Share clips

Wish you could share that special moment from a podcast?

Now you can. Add comments and share with anyone. They don’t even need Parrot to listen.

Woman listening to new podcasts in the morning

Find new podcasts

Hear the clips your friends are saving to find new shows.

Because everyone is saving their favorite clips, you get to see what’s popular — in your network of friends, with popular tastemakers, or even just from shows you already subscribe to.

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Start listening to podcasts and saving clips with Parrot. We think you're gonna love it.